deho devAlaya proktaH jiva deva sanAtanaH

tyajed ajnAna nirmAlayam so ham bhAvena pujayet

Body is a temple. Jiva is the deity of this temple. Since when? Since beginningless time. May one remove wilted flowers that are looked upon as ignorance and worship the Lord with an understanding that he is non – separate from himself. 

om sri gurubhyo namah

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पूर्णमुदच्यते | पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

That is fullness, This is fullness; from That fullness This fullness came;

from That fullness, This fullness removed; what remains is fullness.

The Vedas are the essence of Indian culture. Vedic life from all perspectives, daily living itself, is influenced and is a reflection of the Vedas; the treasure house of Vedic knowledge. Thus, the richness of the Vedic heritage, traces its roots in the Vedas. They have for thousands of years been the primary source of reference of Vedic wisdom on every conceivable subject.

The Vedas are known as ‘sruti’, meaning ‘that which was heard’; this includes ‘anadi anantam’, meaning ‘no beginning, no ending’ and ‘anapauruseyam’, meaning ‘no human authorship’. Veda was directly revealed by Bhagavan. 

The Vedas share impeccable, invaluable wisdom. The ancient systems of Yoga and Ayurveda originate from the Vedas.

Mangalam Mandiram, a name blessed by my guru, means, 'the temple of auspiciousness'. It is the name given for the role of my sharing the teachings I have received.

You are invited to study these sacred teachings.

Harih om


Jennifer Gillis

I am a student and traditional teacher, acharya, committed to the discovery of understanding the ultimate truth of life, known as Brahmavidya.

Studies in Yoga and Veda chanting are in the tradition and lineage of Yogacharya Sri T. Krishnamacharya, Yogacharya Sri TKV Desikachar, teachers and mentors of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM), with whom I serve as a Yoga and Veda Chanting Teacher. Mentorship under the guidance of my teachers is ongoing and the current focus of study is Yoga Therapy.

A student of Vedanta and Sanskrit with Arsha Vidya Parampara, I am blessed to have been guided by my guru Param Pujya Svami Dayananda Sarasvati. My gurus, Pujya Svami Paramarthananda Sarasvati, Pujya Svami Tattvavidananda Sarasvati and Sri Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Sarasvati, disciples of Param Pujya Svami Dayanandaji, guide and support my studies in India.

I continue the study of Samskrtam with my acharya at The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute - Madras Sanskrit College, Chennai, India.

It is grace that bequeath the blessings of my beloved teachers, who gracefully and impeccably unfold the teachings of the Veda – fullness, wholeness, oneness is our true nature.

May grace be with me to discover this truth. 


Tribute to the Source

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः । गुरुरेव परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥१॥

The guru is Brahma, the guru is Visnu, the guru Deva is Maheswara (Siva).

The guru is verily the Para-Brahman (Supreme Brahman); Salutations to that guru.

Arsha Vidya Parampara

Parama Pujya Sri Dayananda Sarasvati, my beloved guru, was a distinguished, traditional teacher of Vedanta. His depth of understanding and nuanced appreciation of Western culture made him that rare teacher who communicated the vision of non-duality to modern listeners. He was able to make one see, with immediacy, the truth of oneself as the whole.

Swami Dayananda had taught Vedanta in India for more than four decades, and around the world since 1976, speaking at many of the most prestigious American universities, and had addressed international conventions, UNESCO and the United Nations, where he participated in the Millennium Peace Summit.

A teacher of teachers, Swami Dayananda designed and taught seven resident in-depth Vedanta courses, each spanning 30 to 36 months, under Arsha Vidya auspices.

In addition to teaching, Swami Dayananda had initiated and supported various philanthropic efforts. The All India Movement (AIM) for Seva, inaugurated in November, 2000, brings medical, educational, nutritional and infrastructure assistance to villagers in the remote areas of India. This movement enjoys the blessing of all traditional Hindu spiritual leaders who have united as a single body, the Acarya Sabha, through the coordinating efforts of Swami Dayananda. In November 2001, Swami Dayananda convened the first World Congress for the Preservation of Religious Diversity in Delhi, inaugurated by the Dalai Lama and the then Prime Minister Mr.A.B.Vajpayee. An important outcome of the Congress was the formation of a Global Commission for the Preservation of Religious Diversity, spearheaded by Swami Dayananda. The Commission had its inaugural meeting in Bangkok in June, 2002. Swami Dayananda was also active in forming and participating in the Women’s Global Peace Initiative, which convened at the United Nations in Geneva in October 2002.

Most gratefully, I continue my study of Vedanta with my revered gurus Pujya Sri Svami Paramarthananda Sarasvati and Pujya Svami Tattvavidananda Sarasvati and Sri Svamini Brahmaprajnananda Sarasvati, disciples of Parama Pujya Svami Dayananda Sarasvati.

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram

Yogacharya Sri T Krishnamacharya was unique in many ways as a master of yoga, as a teacher, as an Ayurvedic physician and as a scholar. While himself an advocate of classicism especially in teaching the youth, he was also extremely skilled in adapting practices of yoga to suit individual requirements based on age, profession, capacity and also external factors such as place of residence, climate and such.

He was also a good healer, adept in his diagnostic skills and created powerful yoga-based iinterventions focusing specifically on cikitsa, therapy. T Krishnamacharya is often acclaimed as one of the important masters who revived the practice of yoga in the early 20th century and also brought yoga into the lives of many, directly and indirectly through his well known disciples, Madame Indra Devi, Sri Pattabhi Jois, Sri BKS Iyengar and Sri TKV Desikachar.

Recognizing the immense value of T Krishnamacharya's knowledge and his life’s mission, his son and long-time student, Yogacharya Sri TKV Desikachar established, in 1976 the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, as a means to give life to his father’s vision. Nearly four decades later, the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram continues to stand tall as one of the premier centers of Yoga and yoga therapy, not just in India but in the world as well. 

The KYM is a non-profit Public Charitable Trust recognized by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu. 

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified organisation, the KYM is also recognized by the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY), (the apex governing body of Yoga Centers in India), as one of the lead Yoga Institutes in India.

Most gratefully, I continue my study of yoga therapy and vedic chanting with my teachers and mentors of the KYM, Chennai, India.

Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute - Madras Sanskrit College

The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute (KSRI) is a very old, reputed institution, dedicated to extensive work in areas of Sanskrit and related Indology research. The institution has been operating very creditably since 1945, contributing substantially through its core activities; steadily progressing in achieving its stated Vision and Mission – which in a nutshell is “preserving” Sanskrit and related Indology research, in an all encompassing manner – establishing, institutionalizing, propagating, consolidating and creating perpetuity of the great Sanskrit heritage.


Formal study of Ayurveda began in 2003, in Vancouver, Canada. 

I am privileged to have studied under Vaidya Vasant Lad of The Ayurveda Institute, New Mexico, USA.

Currently, I am a student under the guidance of Vaidya Seshadri V R and Vaidya Malavika Seshadri of Chennai, India.

Additionally, I am collaborating with Vaidya Harsh and Vaidya Jasmine Segal, of 'Trilok Ayurveda', Dehradun, India, to develop understanding and opportunities to promote sharing their expert specialities of Ayurveda for the benefit of all.

Pranam to my teachers for all I have received. 



In the living tradition of Yogacharya Sri T. Krishnamacharya

‘Teach what is inside you, not as it applies to you, to yourself, but as it applies to the other.’ 

Yogacharya Sri T. Krishnamacharya

Yoga is a holistic, healing discipline that offers a broad range of tools for supporting health, healing and personal transformation. Yoga’s tools include postures (asanas), conscious breathing techniques (pranayama), meditative practices (dharana/dhyanam), gestures (mudras), the use of vocal sounds (adhyayanam)/chanting), guided self-inquiry (bhavana/svadhyaya), and much more. These tools can be utilized in an infinite number of combinations to suit the unique needs of the individual throughout the ever-changing stages of his/her life, chosen in the appropriate context for the benefit of offering healing to the individual.

As a holistic form of healing, Yoga views the human system as not just the physical body, but as comprised of several dimensions, including the physical body, breath, mind, personality and emotions. These dimensions of the human system are interconnected and therefore, interdependent.

Private and specialized small group classes are offered with the practice adapted to the individual according to needs and circumstances with profound respect for each person where they are and the gradual steps taken in an appropriate direction.

Private Consultations (Package consists of consultation and three classes - private sessions are by appointment only)

Initial Consultation: First Session (apx. 90 minutes) - We shall meet to discuss the student’s needs, abilities, situation and therapeutic and/or wellness goals; an appropriate program will be designed and taught for the student to practice at home (*maintaining the practice at home is key to the success and potential of healing through self-empowerment as a participant in one’s own healing)

Next Three Classes (60 mins/each class) -We shall meet within 10 days of the first class. Review of the program together, needed adjustments are refined for the most appropriate practice during these following three classes.

Group Classes

Group classes are designed to address a specific topic, focus or need and provide individual attention and care for the student. Preregistration and payment is required for all small group classes as space is limited.

Special Interest Classes

Individual and small group classes on the principles, practices and philosophy of yoga, such as: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Veda chanting, pranayama, meditation.


Vedic chanting is different from other forms of chanting because the manner of chanting the Vedas cannot be modified. Preserving and carrying forth the Vedic tradition requires formalized study and practice through the process of ‘adhyayanam’; the student listens and then recites the chant exactly as the teacher did. 

The practice of chanting has multiple benefits such as enhancing health, improving memory and promoting healing. Chanting is considered to be one of the important forms of meditation which in and of itself, lends to healthy interaction on all levels. 

According to the Vedas, sound is the source of all life. Although we perceive our bodies to be solid matter, every cell is formed from vibrations and interactions of energy. We are made of living sounds, and our individual rhythms are dependent on the greater vibrations of the universe to sustain them. 

Private chanting classes are offered to expose, share and preserve this ancient tradition.

Chanting Yoga Sutras of Patanjali enhances the beauty and depth of connecting to this ancient philosophy and one’s personal practice; the foremost authoritative scriptural text on the philosophy of Yoga.

Private & small group classes (max 4 students) – appropriate chants are chosen for the student based on needs,  interest and ability; progress to more challenging chants through study and proficiency


Discover how clarifying life priorities aligns with the inherent rhythms of nature. This deliberate, conscious shift in attitude fortifies courage and strength in all moments of one's life.

Ayurveda Study 

  • cooking with ayurvedic principles
  • self-care pratices
  • women's health
  • community classes - sharing together
  • ayurvedic body treatments

Private Consultations & Small Group Classes 

These classes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of the student; group workshops and classes designed for special occasion, discussion and general interest.

Treament Offered

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Oil Massage), a daily ritual in India for thousands of years, is the anointing of the body with warm oil which is often medicated. ‘Sneha‘ in the language of Samskrtam, translates as ‘oil’, ‘stickiness’ and ‘love’. It is accepted that the effects of this ancient massage are similar to those received by one who is saturated with love. 

Among the many benefits from regular Abhyanga: 

  • nurturing and pacifying of Vata and Kapha doshas
  • relieves fatigue
  • provides stamina
  • increases circulation (especially to nerve endings)
  • tones muscles and whole physiology
  • calms the mind
  • lubricates joints
  • increases mental alertness
  • improves elimination of impurities from the body
  • gives a pleasurable and deeper sleep
  • enhances complexion and the luster of the skin
  • promotes longevity and,
  • nourishes all parts of the body

Oils are personally made for the constitution and treatment of each individual session. 

Private Individual Sessions (*Please note sessions are by appointment and for women only unless referred)


With spiritual vision and value of a prayerful life, worship is essential to spiritual growth. It reconnects one with the order that is Isvara, providing solace and courage to the weary of heart and grace to those who seek it. Grace is vitally important in all spiritual aspiration; nothing is achieved without it.

Assistance in the obtaining of items required for puja and guidance in the preparation and keeping of same.

Private Consultations & Small Group Classes 

These classes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of the student; group workshops and classes designed for special occasion, discussion and general interest.

Classes & Events

No upcoming events.

Kind Words

Jennifer provided loving care to my parents at a time when my whole family was in turmoil. She was there for my father two days before he died. She caught the words he spoke that I could not bear to hear and gave him reassurance. When I think of my father’s passing I have remorse about some of his care providers, but I am so relieved to remember Jennifer’s presence in my parents home. She was a bright light shining through those dark moments.Although my father passed away a few months ago, I still have Jennifer’s voice mail on my phone. It is a physical loving hug, but in electronic voice form. Jennifer’s loving kindness has transcended the barriers of distance and time for me. Again, I thank-you Jennifer. I will always remember your loving kindness. You are a healer from the heart.  

Laurie Borne, Vancouver CA

Happy to endorse Jennifer as extremely reliable, professional and accurate teacher. Very pleasant and giving person to. Happy to be with. Thank you Jennifer! 

Alexei Sozonov, Samara RU

My name is Svetlana Andreeva. I would like to share my family's wonderful experience which we gained after we started practicing Yoga with our great teacher Jennifer Gillis. I had endocrine system health issues and I was looking for a real traditional Yoga teacher in Vancouver, Canada. As soon as I met Jennifer, from the very first class, I understood that she was the one that I had been looking for. My life changed after I was introduced to the wonderful world of authentic Yoga. Besides fixing my health problems, I rediscovered myself. My family life became happier, my relationships with the world became more harmonious. My eating habits changed and I grew as an individual, wife and mother. Not surprisingly, me and my husband decided to introduce the gift of Yoga to our children. My boys were at the time 10 and 11 years old. Jennifer, as a Yoga teacher, could do a real magic to them. They learned how to breath properly, their sleep became much better. The classes really helped my older son who at that time was in professional swimming. He became more focused and flexible. I am very confident that this experience will greatly aid them in living a happy life in the future, for they have learned how to relax and deal with stressful situations. They learned how to properly listen to their body's needs and how to respond appropriately to them. My children's good eating and daily routine habits that they've received thanks to their Yoga classes will serve them well for the rest of their life. It will support their health and welfare. I should also mention, the wonderful exposure to the profound world of ancient Vedic wisdom that our great teacher was able to introduce to them, is a true gem that my kids were blessed to receive at such a tender age. My husband had back pain issues for several years due to a trauma he had received in his childhood. Thanks to the Yoga classes with Jennifer, he can now manage his back issues. Overall he became a more balanced and happy person. Also, my youngest son was born prematurely. Now he is almost 4 years old and I can not wait until he reaches the age of 5 or 6 - the age when he can start learning Yoga exercises. I strongly believe that Yoga will help him a lot with his physical and gross motor skills development. We are blessed to have met such a rare, competent and caring Yoga teacher as Ms.Jennifer Gillis. Pranam to our dear teacher for all that we have received. Om 

Svetlana Andreeva, Samara RU

I have known Jennifer for a long time and during that time I have found her to be very committed, dedicated, hard working and caring. She has been very honest, open, trusting and confident with a happy, positive outlook on life. When Jennifer sets upon a task she monitors the progress and follows it through to make sure that it does get done properly. One incident that really touched me deeply is when she discovered a very young puppy  (in India) which was sick and in a bad physical state. She cleaned up the puppy, bought milk for it, called a vet (who treated the puppy) then time and time again, even late at night, she would go to take care of the puppy and feed it. As she knew that she had to leave India, she found a family which had a dog and she arranged for that family to take the puppy into their home. She then would visit the family to see that the puppy was cared for. I am grateful for the dear friendship I share with Jennifer. 

John (Jagadisha) Mied, Sydney AU

I attended prenatal classes with Jennifer in the spring/summer of 2006, when I was pregnant with my second child. Her yoga sessions were filled with such relaxing energy. The wisdom she brought to each class was refreshing. I remember feeling like I didn’t want the sessions to end…she taught me to listen to my body and connect with my inner core. I also felt such a connection to my baby during her classes because she was fully aware of how important the yoga practice was to our unborn children…a time to bond with them! I also had the opportunity to have an Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga). This is unlike any other massage I’ve experienced. The soothing hot oils she used were so tranquil but at the same time invigorating. Her touch was therapeutic and calming. Her knowledge was so vast and I felt so taken care of during the session. Jennifer is a wonderful practitioner and human being. Her eagerness to learn and share her expertise is priceless! 

Clara Campedelli, Vancouver CA

Jennifer is someone who is profoundly present in each moment – so much so that one is able to go through a transformation just by being in her presence – to experience Jennifer is to come close to being able to experience yourself. She has deeply affected the awareness I have both of the world and of my interaction with that world. Jennifer has so fully accepted herself that when she listens, it is though she is able to absorb all those aspects of yourself that were either consciously or unconsciously holding your back. Added to which, she has a wonderful sense of humour and a keen sense of intuition that allows her to see what lies behind the words that you choose to present yourself with. Her bright light of awareness and deep sense of compassion allows you to feel safe to freely speak your deepest truth. It has been a true gift of life to allow me to receive teachings from Jennifer for which I have a great sense of gratitude and thanks. 

Lucy Crisfield, London UK


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