Jyotisha Vedic Astrology

Acharya Kumar Swamy

Acharya Kumar Swamy has over twenty years experience in field of Jyotisha, Vedic Astrology.

It has been an honour to prepare more than four thousand Astrology charts for foreign nationals. Feedback has been 95% successful in predictions. Many clients have benefitted. 

Would be a pleasure to assist you and your dear ones.

Harih om



Jyotisha - Vedic Astrology

Have you ever thought of researching your personal Astrology?

Jyotisha ( ज्योतिष - Sanskrit meaning 'light; heavenly body'), is one of the Vedangas (limb or branch of Vedas) and dates back to the Vedic period. It includes the knowledge of astronomy and astrology.A Jyotisha astrology reading clarifies past, present and future. It also guides to counteract and protect the unfavorable periods, as well as revealing the path to derive the maximum benefit from favourable planetary positions.

Numerous Astrology charts prepared for parties located in Russia, Ukraine, Japan, USA, Canada, Europe and many other countries.

You can evaluate: 

  • the best professional choices and place of work
  • family life
  • financial prosperity
  • medical and health matters
  • spiritual growth and, other topics of interest

Jyotisha offers an opportunity, available to all. You are most welcome. Harih om

Request Personal Jyotisha

In order to complete your Jyotisha - Vedic Astrology, the following details are needed:

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • your time of birth (please be as exact as possible)
  • your place of birth

Kindly send an email message sharing these specific and required details.Upon receipt a timeframe for completion will be shared.

Harih om


~ Daksina accepted for creation of Jyotisha - Vedic Astrology ~

This sacred knowledge is to be valued. In modern times the act of offering daksina (sacred offering) equates to contributing supportive finances. Especially important is that the offering be made with the spirit of gratitude, joy, and an attitude of humility (not miserly or withholding), without which Veda will not bequeath blessings. 

Kindly note the purpose of remuneration for these services is intended to cultivate value and reverence.

Complete Jyotisha chart preparation: 2000INR ($30USD)

Questions regarding Jyotisha chart: 500INR ($10USD)


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